Love the sound of this :D worth my money too. Phonebloks on @ThunderclapIt // @davehakkens

Spontaneous Living Room Worship with United Pursuit (by unitedpursuitband)

to blame God for our suffering for allowing it rather than evil for starting it keeps the focus exactly where the enemy wants it. you are loved, inevitably always.

I flew into Bradley Airport, CN last Friday and honestly let the life around me play out. There really is a huge sense of freedom in having decisions made for you, and while being independent is still something I want, its a virtue that tends to be as overplayed as the typical iTunes Top Ten (that as well as “identity” and “finding who we are”). Life with my grandparents hasn’t been half as boring as I imagined it to be, but its also taken effort to get to that point. I recently found a church that I got involved in which really is nothing like the spiritual environment I grew up in, but it was refreshing nonetheless to be with people in community. I dove in head first, asking around about ways I could help and serve, and I got the opportunity to play bass guitar the following Sunday. Everything was orchestrated pretty well honestly–God’s hand in the matter, not entirely the church service. This season of my life has been one of intentionally digging deeper into my heart and digging deeper into His. And there has been a whole lot of music and jetlag thrown in as well. Looking forward to His plans for me.
If you read this, you’re a saint, I’m just a verbal processor who needed to collect his thoughts. ;)

"Let my weakness find your strength" Anthony Skinner

Living; Breathing. from cjcaughlan on 8tracks Radio.

Living; Breathing.

it doesn’t matter what you think, God’s love is real and God’s love is big. live without it if you choose, but you will always know that there was something better for you. i say this in love.